On the 9th of March MBA Part time students had the opportunity to confront themselves with a Case History in the FMCG field in which they experienced the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to improve the procurement function within a global organization. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative and effective methodology half way between consultancy and training, designed to improve business results through the use of LEGO Blocks.

The project was born in the 1990’s thanks to Kjeld Kristiansen’s initiative, he was the grandson of the founder of Lego® not to mention CEO of the company, who in order to promote the creation of a working group formed by Johan Roos and Bart Victor, both professors at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Robert Ramussen, Director of educational research of Lego® and Per Kristiansen Global Brand Director of LEGO®. The goal was to develop a strategic approach to Problem Solving for the management capable of breaking barriers and limited beliefs, opening up to new points of view and developing innovative solutions.

“It is an extremely flexible facilitation, no predefined content – said Rachele Soliera, consultant and certified facilitator at LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® – particularly suitable for all those activities that need to be developed or strengthened within an organization, such as problem solving, strategic thinking effective communication and team identity.” Participants use building blocks to build models representing metaphorically their thoughts, their challenges and their personal and professional aspirations. It is transverse methodology, cross – market and cross-function applicable in different contexts, orientated to business development, as much as teams and people.


This methodology increases participants self-confidence because based on the precondition that every individual can offer unique contribution to the work of the team, and thanks to this participate in problem solving. The inclusive and involving approach changes the scope of commitment of individuals towards the team and allows them to transform classic meeting where 80% of the contents is generated by 20% of the participants in workshops with a 100% level and of commitment and involvement for all.

For these reasons, it is a method that has been extremely effective for starting and/or ruling shared change processes; training and assessment; create project teams; manage risks or overcome team crisis situations; facilitate participation of planned processes for citizens and civil society; facilitate networking activities, get impacting insights; develop Business Model Canvas; resolve conflicts and deal with “indisputable threads” start start-ups.

Propose students to experiment with innovative approaches and transversal activities is an aim of the Part Time MBA. In light of its horizontal application, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® favours the development of managerial skills that puts at the core of business the growth of individuals and team work. “ The application of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to the Business Case presented, is a solid example of its effectiveness – said Rachele Soliera – in a few hours students, according to the frame of the SWOT analysis identified and built up areas of strength and weakness, the threats and opportunities arising from the case concerned up to the shared Business Solution.”