On  February 21 Marco Patuano, CEO of Edizione S.r.l was guest at L4T – Leader for Talent –  a series of meetings aimed for Specialized Masters and MBA students. This insight was written by Leone Bonanni, Student of Full Time MBA.

On Tuesday, February 21st, full time MBA students had the opportunity to meet Marco Patuano, CEO of Edizione S.r.l through the LUISS Business School Leader for Talent series. The event was held in Sala Delle Colonne and students were extremely excited to get to meet such an influential Italian business leader.

From the beginning, attendees could easily perceive Marco Patuano’s strong interpersonal skills, which are typical of today’s distinguished business leaders.

As one of his main points, Marco Patuano stated that in order to be successful in our current and future endeavors, we must possess the right attitude. As future leaders, we must take pride in what we do and face every single challenge with our best effort. To be a successful leader, Patuano also highlighted that we must surround ourselves with talented individuals in order to maximize results both on a personal and a professional level. His team at Edizione S.r.l is filled with enthusiastic professionals who love what they do and strive to be the best every single day.

Marco Patuano has worked in many different locations and has experienced significantly different working environments, which have allowed him to develop as a top executive manager. Patuano believes that future leaders must be keen to relocate in order to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career due to the increased globalization trends that are taking place.


Today, we live in a world that figuratively has no borders and there are potential opportunities all over the globe. The main challenges that a future leader may face are mainly related to globalization and the adaptation to changes with a particular industry. Adapting to certain changes within an industry is crucial if a firm wants to survive in a competitive environment. A leader must be able to embrace change and transfer his eagerness to change to his team ensuring positive results through high productivity and high employee morale.

Another point made by Marco Patuano is that all leaders must behave in an ethical manner when making managerial and personal decisions. Patuano stated that when analyzing potential businesses to acquire, he makes sure to not invest in unethical industries or unethical firms. Today, ethics play a fundamental role in business activities due to increased visibility thanks to digital technologies and increased consumer awareness. Acquiring an unethical business may lead to devaluation of the whole brand portfolio, therefore a single wrong move may prove to be detrimental. There are also times when personal ethics may come into conflict with orders from the CEO. Marco Patuano described handling such a situation while working in Brazil and was able to deliver positive results to his CEO while preserving his own personal ethics by finding an efficient solution that worked for both parties. Making ethical decisions not only has a positive effect on the long-term sustainability of companies, but also safeguards individuals.

The Leader for Talent series has once again proven to be a fantastic way for future leaders to meet current leaders and learn about the different challenges that leaders face on a daily basis.

(Article by Leone Bonanni, Full Time MBA Student)