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Passion for quality in teaching, learning and research

Corporate links Developing talents with great “can-do” attitude Shaping the future of business means developing an entrepreneurial mindset and embracing change, flexibility and speed.

Our values


Academic Freedom



EFMD Quality Improvement System è la prestigiosa certificazione internazionale che attesta l’eccellenza degli standard qualitativi delle business school

EFMD Quality Improvement System, raises the standard of management education worldwide and assesses institutions as a whole.

Siamo certificati UNI EN ISO 9001 – Settore EA:35 ed EA:37 (attività di consulenza e di formazione).

Certification UNI En ISO 9001 – Sector EA: 35 and EA: 37

LUISS Business School è socio ASFOR (Associazione per la Formazione alla Direzione Aziendale).

LUISS BS is Asfor Member (Association for the training to management)

LUISS Business School è REP – Registrated Education Provider del PMI, il Project Management Institute.

LUISS BS is REP – Register Eductaion Provider of Project Management Institute

UISS Business School è struttura accreditata presso la Regione Lazio per le attività di formazione.

LUISS BS is an accredited facility of Region Lazio for the training.


LUISS Business School (LUISS BS) was founded in 1986, it is a highly dedicated management school that conducts postgraduate education, applied research and management consultancy. It is part of the LUISS (Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali) Guido Carli and the headquarters is in Rome.

The Dean of the LUISS Business School is Prof. Paolo Boccardelli.

The School is divided into business units, each of which is dedicated to a target market:

  • MBA
  • PHD


The School is fully committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, as well as to providing a high level of services that allow students to focus on their personal, professional, and academic development.

Academic Freedom

The School enforces academic freedom as a basic right for its faculty, scholar, and students in order to maintain an environment that allows open discourse in all subject areas.


The demand of ethically and socially responsible behaviour from the Schools students, academics and professional staff is deeply rooted in the identity of the school.


The School serves the interests and needs of the markets and all stakeholders, free from any political or religious interest and orientation.

LUISS BS offers post-graduate training and executive Programmes designed to meet the needs of a continually evolving market. Didactic projects presented are not only related to the needs of a market that operates in highly diversified professional profiles, but it also reflects heterogeneous dynamics of the various sectors in the business community.

To get admitted to a LUISS BS Programme  it is usually required to successfully  pass a selection process that evaluates the skills and motivation of potential candidates. The selection process is generally composed by logics test, an English test and motivational interview.

We advise to always check the admission process information of the programme you are interested in.

LUISS BS educational model consists of a first part lecture based and a part of field experience called Field Project, that is required in order to complete the programme.

The Field Project is the time in which  students put into practice what they have learned during the programme and it can  be held by choosing from the following types: Project Work in a company, development of their own business project or research project.

The Field Project is guaranteed in Degree Programmes and MBA programmes. Even other educational initiatives by LUISS BS may include field projects, we suggest to verify the information in the brochure of the programme or in the web page.

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