The Competence Centre & Lab for People Management aims to trainee a ruling class that knows how to look beyond and that implements a culture of job that can generate wealth and widespread development through the focus on people and their contribution. Growth and well-being of people in the organisations are the drivers of our activities, while maintaining a focus on the sustainability.

The differentiating factor of our successful research and education depends largely on the involvement of Professors, consultants, managers in a sort of think-tank that allows you to tackle the issues with different languages and perspectives. Our Lab is an open, interdisciplinary, inclusive, dynamic and strongly people-oriented community.

The programmes most frequently requested by companies and the core of our expertise are:

  • Executive Leadership Programme, for the consolidation of leadership and for top management;
  • Talent development programme, for the development of talent pools in organizations;
  • Management frontiers, for envisioning strategy, creativity and innovation;
  • Business Check-up, for small and medium-sized companies in order to do a screening of strategic and organizational skills and support the business development;
  • Coaching for management development in the family business, for family businesses in order to support their development, the processes of delegation, the consolidation of the management line, the generational shift;
  • Management Development in Associations, for the development of managerial skills aimed to run associative organizations.

The participants become part of the community and can take part in free events, such as HR Club Meetings, book presentations and conferences. Moreover, we offer a privileged channel for recruiting young graduates with specialised skills within HR. It is a meeting ground between the thoughts and insights of research on issues of organisation and human resources, and the challenges that arise from the best practices of companies and institutions, through the publication of the bi-monthly newsletter Leadership & People Management.

The main topics of our activity are those ones which our research projects are focused on

  • Age Management. Ageing is one of the main challenges that companies are facing: the aging population, the increase in life expectancy and the retirement age, the increasing diversity among generations in the same organisation make the intergenerational relationship a very significant issue for its impacts on the motivation and the productivity. In particular, the focus of our research goes on the relationship between age and other factors such as individual and organisational performance, the effectiveness of HR practices, organisational behaviour and climate, in order to analyse the main changes that companies must take to deal with.
  • The careers. The importance and the relevance of this issue comes from the deep changes that have featured many organisations and their influence on the relationship between organisation and individual. Our interest focuses both on the individual level, through the analysis of career paths, and on the organisational level, through the analysis of policies implemented by companies to promote and manage the professional growth of the employees.
  • The organisational climate. Recent studies have made evidence of the important role led by organisational climate on the relationship between human resource management practices and organisational and individual performance. Our interest is oriented to the identification of factors that positively affect the perception of employees, such as trust in management or development opportunities, and the analysis of the relationship between organisational climate, the different managerial styles and the organisational behaviour.
  • The HR practices. The recognition of the resources as a source of competitive advantage has increased interest in the analysis of the practices of human resource management in order to promote the success. In this research, our interest is our core field, HRM, through the analysis of the influence of individual practices or HR practices on the individual behaviour and the business results.
  • Analysis of the organisational network. The Social Network Analysis includes a set of theories and tools derived from networks theory. The mapping of the relationships among individuals, departments and companies allows to deepen managerial issues of great relevance, such as knowledge management, coordination intra and inter-organisational, talent management, organisational development. Social Network Analysis is a key theme of our research activities.
  • Leadership. The deep changes of the organisations make essential the analysis of the evolution of management culture and its impact on the role of leaders.
  • The employer branding. In the race for success, organisations need more and more motivated and skilled resources, the that makes essential the differentiation factors and the corporate identity. The interest in this topic includes the analysis of the main employer branding strategies and their impact on both the labour market, in terms of attractiveness, and on organizational behaviour of employees, in terms of commitment and turnover reduction.
  • The diversity management. The growing complexity of organisations makes it essential to pay particular attention to the issue of diversity. Objective of the research is to analyse the organisational choices in terms of diversity management and their effects on to the individual performance.