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The current systems of public services governance, both local and central, have heterogeneous levels of performance, depending on the kind of service and institutional model. However, the relevance of the sector in terms of GDP produced, the different level of performance in terms of productivity, the need for a spending review and the role of public services for companies in the competitive environment, have induced many reforms and reorganisations of public services.

LUISS Business School’s Public Administration, Healthcare and No-Profit Centre & Lab has always focused on the changing needs in the public sector. Our mission is to promote the development of a managerial culture in public administration and in the health sector (health, pharmaceutical, biomedical, wellness) based on the excellence of services, on the centrality of the person, on efficiency and innovation, including a combined action between border expertise and established know-how of the industry. benchmark for:

  • research results and know-how, developed in a high-profile international scientific Faculty and applied to innovative training initiatives;
  • open programmes, intensive or short courses, Corporate Masters aimed at companies in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sector, customised projects, funded training projects enabled by the strong relationships with the main inter-professional funds authorised by the Ministry of Labour;
  • development of a stable network, nurtured by meetings, cultural events, knowledge and experience sharing for professionals, managers, Alumni, institutions and companies operating in the Public Administration and Helathcare.

The activities of LUISS Business School’s Competence Centre & Lab – Public Administration, Healthcare and No-Profit are oriented to professionals and young graduates who wish to develop management skills applied to the fields of public administration, healthcare and pharmaceutical and medical device development.


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Director Competence Centre & Lab – Public Sector, Health and No-Profit
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