Learning Lab

Learning Labs focus on personal development. Students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions during which they will:

  • Cultivate intellectual flexibility
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Learn to adapt in diverse situations
  • Refine cross-cultural awareness


Entrepreneurial innovation is everywhere, ranging from start-ups, incubators, accelerators to “corporate entrepreneurship” projects to social entrepreneurship. That’s why we designed a unique AdVenture Experience.
The Lab includes conventional class sessions, case discussions, meetings with business angels, venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs and other leading personalities of the Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Everything is oriented toward building your skills through the development of a real entrepreneurial plan. You work together with the teaching staff and mentors, who are expert in turning challenges and innovative ideas into a business plan and innovative new projects.

Project Management

The Project Management lab identifies the project characteristics: objectives, stakeholders and organization. It provides students with the skills to formalize the project scope, create the work breakdown structure (WBS) and manage processes and tools.  Students will also understand the five process groups.

Soft Skills Lab

Through the Soft Skills Lab, students develop competencies and skills to face business challenges.  The Lab helps students explore how to engage effectively in organizations and to discover their limits and capabilities.  Key skills learned include teamwork and team-building, effective communication skills, negotiation skills and leadership.

Environmental and Social Impact

Leadership requires a wide vision of business. For that reason, we offer students the chance to apply their creativity to solve real problems encountered by NGOs, social entrepreneurs and institutions. Students participate in helping these organizations to bridge social and environmental development and the business economy.