Full Time Master

LUISS Business School’s Master in Corporate Finance, has the objectives to shape young professionals who want to develop their career in the corporate finance divisions of large firms, in the division of investment banking of financial institutions or in financial consulting firms.

Professional Competence

  • Analysis Of Accounting And Financial Data To Support Investment Decisions
  • Analysis Of Complex Financial Operations
  • Financial Planning
  • Valuation Of Firms And Projects Techniques
  • Risk Management

Why MaCOFin?

In these days, the management of financial resources and the relationships with financial markets and investors are critical and fundamental objectives within firms, financial institutions and other organisations. The strategic role of Corporate Finance has become increasingly important due to the stronger attention that managers have to dedicate to raising capital, financial planning, risk management and investment activities. Financial education is undergoing critical changes in the global economy since practitioners have to face new demands and challenges, and become true business partners at decision-making levels.
The current financial environment requires new skills and competences to keep up with the demands for successful professionals in times of rapid change.

Our programme aims to prepare you to deal with increasingly complex financial challenges providing participants with solid technical knowledge and skills, as well as the transversal competencies which are required to manage complex financial situations in an international environment. Financial education is no longer offering learning to enhance knowledge, but it is about promoting direct impact in support of change.
We will support you to acquire a thorough knowledge of the conceptual and empirical tools to cope with the emerging challenges to turn them into new opportunities.

MaCoFin Directors
Alessandro Pansa

LUISS Educational Model


LUISS Guido Carli has played a key role in Italian economic development and cultural evolution. LUISS has trained world-class leaders sensitive to the values of the market culture and the rules of a modern democracy and has made an important contribution in the field of Economics, Management, Law and Political Science. LUISS provides a state-of-the-art model for advanced education and pursues academic excellence. Our mission is to  offer the best education and services to our students. We respond to the needs of the global market and emerging professions and our teaching methods and styles are in line with the best international universities.


The teaching methods are tailored to reach the course goals. Professors take a pragmatic teaching approach aiming at fostering peer-to-peer involvement and interaction through seminars, role-playing, case studies, business games, team exercises, conferences and projects. The LUISS teaching method enhances the students’ professional knowledge, as well as the ability to plan and effectively solve problems, and make decisions developing both a strategic and methodological approach.


There is no place like Rome. The city is a cultural melting pot. Its historic centre is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, welcoming about 12 million visitors per year from all over the world. Rome is the capital of the Country and seat of the Government, plus an inspiring city and a business hub open to networking.


We embrace and encourage diversity  in teaching and learning. A multicultural classroom gives a great value to the Programme and represents the unique chance to learn through the continuous exchange of heterogeneous experience and diversified skills.


Thanks to the connections with Confindustria – the main organisation representing Italian manufacturing and services companies – the course benefits from a network of over 2000 firms and high qualified professionals who take part into the course through workshops, conferences, meeting and company presentations. Moreover, the MBA Alumni Association is a lifelong network driven by an entrepreneurial mind-set that organises a series of initiatives to build up contacts, maintain relationships with alumni, create professional relationships and propose career opportunities.