Why a Master in Master in Management and Technology – Risk Management and Insurance?

  • 59% of executives across industries and organization believe that the volume and complexity of risks have extensively changed and among them only 25% believe their organization has a “complete formal risk management process in place.[1]
  • Since the increasingly complex dynamics shaping the market place, the integration between risk management and strategy is one of the deepest companies’ needs.
  • Being correctly prepared and trained to address disruptive and contingency events, to take informed strategic decisions and insure effective hedging solutions, are prior objectives for the most important leading firms in various industries.
  • The major in Risk Management and Insurance creates experts in the development of such competences, able to implement risk analysis, assessment and management in order to take fast strategic decisions and recovery plans, with a particular focus on the insurance market.

Indeed, every department in every business has been involved in a deep change of market and external environment, that pushed companies to face with unforeseen challenges and unpredictable ramifications originated from factors that haven’t been taken so far into consideration in strategic planning.

The major develops strategic capabilities and managerial competences helpful to successfully cope with these challenges and carry on corporate strategies permeated by a strong and pervasive risk perspective.

[1] Source: Current State of Enterprise Risk Management: Update on Trends and Opportunities. Report 2015


  • Give a comprehensive outlook of the dynamics emerging in the risk management field
  • Evaluate and aggregate different risk typologies to assess their cumulative impact on the whole organization
  • Position the company to seize threats and opportunities deriving from external and unexpected events
  • Diffuse and consolidate risk culture as a fundamental firm strategic asset, through the development of risks norms, penetrating corporate processes and governance mechanisms at different organizational levels
  • Assess, evaluate insurance needs and implement effective solutions, aligning and involving the entire organization
  • The capacity to protect the company Web Reputation, and face reputational distress and crisis
  • Extract, clean, interpret, communicate and protect information coming from complex risk data analysis
  • Understand the threats of Cyber Risk and the protection methodologies expected by the Cyber Law
  • To effectively master the most cutting-edge managerial techniques, but also specific cross-field competences. Participants, at last, will develop soft skills and leadership capabilities, complemented by values such us ethics and social responsibility

Learning methods and key courses

  • Top Managerial Education
  • Training
  • Focus on Risk Management and Insurance
  • Understanding of environmental change dynamics, assess risk typologies and diffuse risk hedging culture

Target audience

The Master is aimed at recent graduates who want to integrate a robust theoretical training with strong practical knowledge of emerging trends in the risk management field, and deepen its influences on business processes and models. Fluency in English and high motivation are essential requirements for admission.

Scientific Director and Committee

Paolo Boccardelli

Scientific Coordinator
Pierluca Impronta, Chairman and CEO, MAG – JLT Spa