Learning LABs

Labs build managerial and relationship skills.


Our innovative AdVenture Lab provides you with the skills and knowledge to create and manage new business ventures. Faculty members and professional mentors supervise training sessions, live case studies and knowledge-sharing events to help you design a new business and further develop your entrepreneurial mindset. AdVenture showcases talent while turning your challenge into an opportunity.

Focus areas
The AdVenture Lab is designed to enhance skills and expertise in three critical areas:

  • Business Modeling
  • Business Planning
  • Business Funding

MBAs work on a collaborative project with their peers to create a venture in one of the following categories:

  • Corporate Venture: Developing solutions to meet the needs of an established company
  • Start-up Venture: Strategic planning for the growth of a newly-established business venture
  • New Venture: Business planning and modelling to bring your team’s own idea to life

AdVenture Award

Fuel your competitive spirit to create an outstanding project and be in the running to receive the prized Marco Sonnino MBA AdVenture Award, presented to the team with the best AdVenture project on Graduation Day.


Through the Soft Skills Lab, students develop competencies and skills to face business challenges.  The Lab helps students explore how to engage effectively in organizations and to discover their limits and capabilities. Key skills learned include teamwork and team-building, effective communication skills, negotiation skills and leadership.


Leadership requires a wide vision of business. Ethics, responsibility and sustainability are three dimensions that managers must embrace and understand to achieve better leadership, stronger stakeholder relationships, a long-term perspective and more efficient resource management. For that reason, we offer students the chance to apply their creativity to solve real problems encountered by NGOs, social entrepreneurs or institutions. Students participate in helping these organizations to bridge social and environmental impact and the business economy.


The Lab, with the partnership of a multinational technology company, gives students the possibility to understand how a digital reinvention drives innovation within a company and why a Cognitive System become a new digital intelligence. The world is being reinvented in code and digital platforms create new ecosystems. The Lab allows students to understand the new drivers of the Internet of Things: the new business model, the strategy and the operations coming from the combination of Analytics, IoT and Cloud systems.


The Project Management lab identifies the project characteristics: objectives, stakeholders and organization. It provides students with the skills to formalize the project scope, create the work breakdown structure (WBS) and manage processes and tools.