First-Level Master’s Degree Starting Date: September 2017 – Full Time

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The Tourism Industry is expected to keep on growing and increasing its economic relevance, mainly in a very appealing Country such as Italy. The expected growth and the new technologies will deeply affect big changes with a more intensive global competition and new forms of cooperation between public, private and big international groups and small companies.

The Master in Tourism Management at Luiss Business School offers an enthusiastic learning experience to make your attitude towards Tourism Industry a competitive capability on the job market.

The participants will extend their culture through the acquisition of analytic, decision-making power and leadership capabilities, apart from the strengthen of their educational path with values such as ethics, social responsibility and the enhancement of the entrepreneurship.


The teaching methods are designed to support students in a professional growth path, according to individual aptitudes and the tools to develop problem-solving skills, public-speaking, creativity, communication, motivation and negotiation, as well as the ability of decision-making.


The Master is targeted to students with an undergraduate degree from any disciplines and willing to develop competences in the tourism industry. It develops professional competences for managing hotels and other tourist services; web marketing and communication in tourism; tourist products.

Letter from Director

At least for the next two decades, the market and the offer in tourism are expected to keep on growing and increasing their economic relevance. The course trains professionals in the Tourism Industry, appealing to technical and managerial knowledge that will be able to enhance a “great potential” field especially nationwide.

In our programme you will live an enthusiastic learning experience that will enhance your personal attitude towards tourism giving you a decisive boost to your brilliant career in the world of tourism.

This relevant growth, together with the availability of new technologies, will determine deep changes in the structure of the industry, more intense competition and at the same time, the widespread of new forms of cooperation among public and private actors, as well as small companies and big international Groups.

The quality of human resources will be even more important than in the past for the companies’ success. This quality is based on the mix of capabilities required to understand the new driving forces in the tourism, to exploit opportunities offered by technologies, and particularly by the web, to effectively develop the network among different actors and assets relevant to generate complex tourist products.

Our master gives you concepts, technical knowledge and operative skills useful to develop those capabilities and make you become a successful manager, professional or entrepreneur in the tourism industry. It will provide you with learning not to simply enhance knowledge, but to play relevant roles in the organisations involved in tourism.

Prof. Matteo Caroli
Director of Master in Tourism Management


If I have to choose three words to describe the master in Tourism Management I would have to say: enlightening, because I did not have any experiences in this field and now I am more updated than many experienced workers of this sector; professionalism, the course is run by expert managers instructing us about real work situations and not just theory; interactive, slides and lessons are available on line in the useful Blackboard platform. I highly recommend it to those who want to be really competent in this field.

Gabriele Giangravé – Belmond Hotel Splendido Portofino, ed. 2014