siluette-maschileManlio Pisu is a long-experienced journalist working as Head of Media Relations at Consob, Italy’s financial market regulator and supervisor.  He has a solid international European professional background as a former foreign correspondent in Germany and Brussels, where he was an EU-correspondent  for Ansa, the leading news-agency in Italy. He also acted as a Parliamentary reporter and editor in several important Italian media. He concentrated on European Integration as the main topic of his decades-long journalistic carreer. His focus was on European Economic and Monetary Union, the birth of the euro and the troubled life of the single currency. He also wrote a book on this issue: Una moneta per l’Europa. Maastricht e la nuova Germania.  In his current position at Consob he is a skilled media relations and communication specialist. Financial  markets, with their regulatory and supervisory implications, are now part of his daily business as well as financial communication.  He is a fan of the great outdoors with a passion for cycling.