AlessandroMarinojpgI was born in 1975 in Italy. In 2000 I earned a laurea degree in business administration from Bocconi University, Milan. In 2010, I obtained a Master of Science in Managerial Science and Applied Economics from University of Pennsylvania and in 2013 I earned a PhD in Strategy from the Wharton School in Philadelphia.In my research, I focus on the theoretical conceptualization and empirical investigation of organizational adaptation. Moreover, I dedicate consistent efforts in the understanding of the determinants of the competitive advantage and corporate strategy. From a methodological standpoint, I am convinced that the field of Strategy, in order to be fully understood, needs to be explored from a multidisciplinary perspective. As a result, I attempt to delve into related fields, such as neuroscience, psychology and biology, as far as methods and topics are concerned, to investigate the organizational phenomena by using different and complementary lenses.