Organizational and managerial transformation expert. I facilitate companies’ Top Management, ONGs, and governmental authorities through the decision-making process.
I am a freelance consultant since 1989, with a primary focus on adult training, then as an Executive Coach while turning into Senior Advisor (from 2000), and finally evolving into Board Advisor.
I have been the first Italian author (and among the first European authors) to publish a book about executive coaching: “Il Coaching Automotivazionale” (Self-Motivational Coaching), Franco Angeli, 1999.
I have worked with more than 100 CEOs and international teams, 18 of them belonging to companies listed in the Forbes 500 Best.
Also, I serve as member of the Board of and am on the board of various charity organizations.
I work in Italian, English, French and Spanish. Russian and Arabic written and spoken.
Biblical Hebrew, Pali and Sanskrit as necessary requisite for the study of the different ancient sacred books.