fiori-giovanniCarlo Fei began his carrier in Marketing working for Consumer Goods multinational Companies as a Product Manager at Quaker Chiari e Forti (Quaker Oats) and as a Group Product Manager at Ferruzzi Group (OTC, Cosmetics and Toiletries), then he joined Disney Group as Sales and Marketing Manager and subsequently was appointed Division Director of Buena Vista in Italy.

Currently, amongst other roles, he is Senior Partner at ICM Advisors Head of Brand Practice and Managing Partner at TCSG TreCentoSessantaGradi focusing in consulting for Global Leader Luxury and Fashion Brands in Italy, France and Switzerland.

He speaks at conferences and workshops on Branding, Innovation, Experiential Marketing and Customer. Experience Strategy at various companies and universities in Italy and abroad. He has been guest speaker of the Olympic Committee in Sochi (RU) to illustrate the importance of Branding in the Sport business.