Italiano_sitoMost of my research is centered around the design, analysis and engineering of algorithms for big data sets, with applications to several areas, including graph theory, social network analysis, computer and network security, and computational biology.

My background, which includes also an experience in industrial research, puts me in a unique position to carry out work that combines basic research with a strong focus on applications.
In 2016 I was nominated EATCS Fellow for “fundamental contributions to the design and analysis of algorithms for solving theoretical and applied problems in graphs and massive data sets, and for his role in establishing the field of algorithm engineering”. The European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS) is an international organization founded in 1972, and EATCS Fellows are recognized for their outstanding scientific achievements in theoretical computer science (currently there are only about 20 EATCS Fellows).

Throughout the years I held several positions of high responsibility in the university. I have been Chair of the Evaluation Committee at University of Rome Tor Vergata for 6 years, where I was responsible for evaluation (quality and effectiveness of courses offered and of the research activities carried out) and for strategic planning and control of the University. I have been Department Chair for 8 years. At University of Rome Tor Vergata I was the Rector’s Delegate for Quality, Evaluation and Performance and I was in charge of the evaluation, quality control and the strategic and performance planning of the University.