This is the launch of the International Pharma and Healthcare Administration

BOX International Pharma and Healthcare Administration


Citing famous Neil Armstrong quote «This is a one small step for a man and a giant one leap for the mankind», Associate Dean for Internationalisation at Luiss Business School Matteo Caroli saluted the start of the Executive Programme in International Pharma and Healthcare Administration, which adds a new, international stage for Luiss Business School. With 185 programmes taught in Rome, Milan, Belluno, now it debuts with a key Executive Programme for the future of pharma and healthcare companies in Amsterdam. 

«Starting new courses is very complex and this is even more difficult because it begins in a new location on a completely new market for us – explains Paolo Boccardelli, Director of Luiss Business School – This is an important first step in our development abroad».

«Recently we strongly increased our international faculty – says professor Caroli We have numbers of international courses, and this will be our first course in Amsterdam, which have become more and more relevant as an international hub for Europe. Learning must be an experience, which give the chance to strength the international experience, network, knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset, and offer the opportunity to develop careers at an international level».

The Luiss Business School approach is based on sustainability. «We started working with this approach five years ago. So now we can develop initiatives with a sustainable and ethical approach to create shared values, which means economic, environmental and social values. All of these will characterize contemporary managers and entrepreneur».

Covid-19 is having a profound impact on global health and economy. Yet seen the number of deaths soared, we saw many companies bouncing back thanks to government and central banks’ interventions. The most profound impact will be seen on social habits, which may change on the long term. There will be consequences also for the pharma industry in customer engagement models, clinical development and organization. So, executives with defined and deep expertise and skills who will be managing all the evolving processes will be needed to achieve more effective policies, plans and investments.

After the acquisition of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy (AFA), Luiss Business School is now standing and working in the Dutch capital city. The Executive Programme in International Pharma and Healthcare Administration will last 4 months and provide an overview of how healthcare ecosystems are evolving worldwide and focus on the challenges that the sector is facing in Europe. It will identify and introduce clinical and non-clinical institutional players with whom both public and private organizations can cooperate, for the development of healthcare approaches that best respond to the upcoming challenges.

In April 2021 Luiss Business School remarked his international view joining The Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance, the global network of leading business schools. This network brings together faculty, senior management, Edtech project managers, learning designers, and media experts from each school to co-create the very best online learning experiences. There are new opportunities ahead, which create benefits to customers and employees. While the direction seems clear, this is still in a phase of experimentation. New capabilities are going to be needed and they must relate to an international mindset.