Youth Communicators for Development

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Roberto Dandi – Project Coordinator
Duilio Carusi – Project Manager

Description of the Project

The project is part of a larger program, the “Program for Poverty Reduction”, funded for 40 million euros and which includes, in addition to the PPAF, 17 partner organizations, 38 local governments in 14 of the least developed districts of Pakistan. The general objective of the program is “to reduce the poverty of the population through the creation of sustainable conditions of social and economic development, including increase in income and productive capacity”.

The general objective of YCD is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable personal development of the community through a communication initiative involving young people based on Pakistani-Italian connections.

The project, by training University students as “Communicators for Development” – and involving the students on a territorial-active approach – is aimed to promote youth participation in the social and economic context of the rural areas of Chitral, Swat, Malakand (Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Lasbela and Kech (Province of Balochistan) in partnership with local Universities: Bahria University (ICT partner); University of Chitral (end user); University of Malakand (end user); University of Swat (end user); Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (end user); University of Turbat (end user).

The expected outcomes of the project are: involving youth both as communicators and to be agents of change for community development; offering visibility and voice for local communities in Pakistan; facilitating intergenerational listening, dialogue and debate; facilitating international collaboration between local communities with Italian Academia, Pakistani Academia, Pakistani Diaspora in Italy, and other stakeholders; linking community perspectives and voices with territorial policy dialogue by developing Pakistani local universities’ capacity to provide services; ensuring cultural appropriateness of content and approach

To achieve these goals Luiss Business School has

  • trained the students on methodological courses on C4D (Digital Communications, Social Communication, Community Organization, Planning and Monitoring) and sectoral courses on specific sectors of development: Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Health and Nutrition, Rural Development and Olive Oil, Environmental Communication.
  • trained teachers of local universities in a specific training activity for them (ICT for teachers) and in the same training activities targeted to students. University representatives and teachers also followed the whole process of the student projects, supervising them and supporting them.
  • engaged youth, communities, local stakeholders in C4D student projects, where students were requested to develop Action Plans for a project idea in two steps: starting from the values of SDGs indicators in Pakistan and going into the field to meet with local stakeholders.

Starting from the local Universities involved in the project Luiss Business School is finally promoting the creation of a network of Pakistani and Italian Universities.


August 2020 – March 2021


Roberto Dandi:

Duilio Carusi:


Youth engagement- A key to effective development ,, 27 Mar, 2021