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Monitoring digital transformation and providing cutting-edge tools to foster innovation and value creation

Digitalization, using computing capabilities, new devices, social media, artificial intelligence and big data analytics, has enabled, improved and transformed current businesses. Digital technologies are economically and societally relevant, and are disrupting industries, re-shaping their boundaries and altering the nature of business while exposing new competitive logics and threats. The Research Center for Business Transformation – ReBooT aims to analyze the transformation that businesses are experiencing in the light of these profound changes.

Undoubtedly, the “4.0 Era” is offering tremendous avenues for development and opportunities, but also imposing challenges to Institutions, in search for effective institutional solutions and pressured to offer solid grounds and incentives to R&D, labor market and growth, and to organizations, which are forced to rethink their businesses, develop and acquire competencies and capabilities, reskill their workforces, change their mind-sets and values, create, transform or destroy routines.

The ReBoot aims to serve as a liaison between institutions and organizations, providing the previous with updates on the digital transformation state of the art and its impact on businesses and the whole national economic system, and the latter with cutting-edge tools to foster innovation and value creation (metrics, business cases, best practices). The Research team, with the support of the Scientific Committee, will maintain stable lines of research but continuously monitor the environment to detect additional research needs.  In order to do so, the Research team is multi-disciplinary and benefits of the collaboration of renown national and international scholars.

The Centre’s approach is multi-disciplinary and systemic. The ReBooT aims to perform:

  • Academic Research
  • Applied Research
  • Advocacy and awareness actions
  • Dissemination Events
  • Foundations for research-driven teaching