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ReBoot – Research

Skills of the Future
Howard Gospel

What will be the skills of the future, where will they be produced, who will pay for them, and what will be their effect? These are three inter-related questions, as we move further into a world of fast-changing technologies, markets, and social contexts.  More specifically, this line of research focuses on understanding, considering Country-specific characteristics, The content of skills, The locus of skill production, The financing of skills, and the effects of changes in skills on other aspects of work.

Raffaele Oriani and Enzo Peruffo

How are disrupting technologies revolutionizing banking, payments, and insurance? How are they forcing incumbents to rethink their core business models and embrace digital innovations?

Fintech is now reaching a new phase and entering an era shaped by changing conditions, regulations, and new consumption behaviours. As a result, it is facing new challenges, with the availability of a variety of technologies (e.g. blockchain) and services which is unprecedented.  This line of research will focus on deepening the understanding of fintech, of its emerging ecosystem, collaborations, valuations and the shifting regulations.

Digital tax
Mauro Maré

How should digital activity be taxed? Digital transformation has enacted changes in business models that have substantially modified the physical form and place of operations of organizations. As companies move their operations to the web, governments need to find innovative ways to determine the taxation of their revenues. This line of research aims to reignite the debate on the taxation of digital activity.

Decision Making and creativity in the context of digital transformation
Massimo Egidi

Do managers, faced with choices involving risk, overrule logic and coherence when making decisions, guided by cognitive and emotional factors? Does information (or misinformation) circulating on digital media impact on decision making? Is it possible to measure creativity in the field and detect correlations between creative attitudes on the one side, and subjects’ cognition and other idiosyncratic features on the other side? This line of research builds on behavioural psychology and economics to understand the challenges of the digital transformation for decision making.

eHealth and Pharma 4.0

Digital technologies are transforming the healthcare environment. How will healthcare and pharmaceutical companies catch the opportunities to delivering a better experience for patients, improving clinical outcomes, and reducing the total cost of care?  This line of research focuses on the “4.0 Era” of Heath Technologies and aims to deepen the understanding of the new business models, new competencies, and new strategies  that companies operating in these industries will undertake, also by stimulating debates among the players of this complex ecosystem