Learning lab

The Seminars cycle: “Leading change” help participants to develop skills and new competences required by today’s world in order to form successful professionals in times of rapid change. The majority of the seminar cycle is held through online sessions.

  • Communication

Presentation and use of communication techniques in specific contexts (large groups, small groups, interpersonal) and situations (crisis management, new business start-ups, relations with stakeholders).

  • Negotiation

Presentation and use of negotiation techniques with specific types of interlocutors: social representatives, customers, suppliers, lenders, and other stakeholders.

  • Design thinking

Illustration of the principles and techniques of design thinking and their application for competitive innovations and the transition to the circular economy.

  • Leadership

Description of leadership styles in relation with reference to specific management situations and applying the techniques to strengthen leadership skills.

  • Diversity and multicultural management

Understanding problems arising from the sociocultural heterogeneity of human resources in large international organizations and an in-depth analysis of the tools for their effective management.

  • Ethics and sustainability

Insight into the principles of ethical and sustainable behaviour in enterprises and the study of the problematic cases of application of these principles with reference to international organisations.