Outgoing students

The LUISS Business School offers its best and most motivated students the opportunity to complete the programme in a qualified International Business School through its Exchange Programme. Students will spend a period abroad (length of the period varies according to the school and programme which the student is selected for) but remain enrolled at the LUISS Business School.

Language of instruction at partner school is English, unless differently indicated by the International office on the presentation.

The list of partners can be found on the following page.

Students may not, unless instructed to do so by the International Office, contact partner schools directly.

Application process
The application process will be open after the presentation of the exchange opportunities in your class. Normally the presentation of the exchange opportunities is held in October – November. Students will be able to check the exact date of the presentation on the Moodle calendar.

Students should remember that there is a limited number of places available at each school, hence each place is assigned to a competitive procedure. Our international office is working on a new partnership development in order to increase a number of places available.

For competing applications, hosting institutions will be assigned on the basis of a merit list.

Selection criteria

  • English language knowledge (minimum level required is B2);
  • Knowledge of the second foreign language;
  • Previous degree grade;
  • Years of working experience (only MBA students);
  • Current grades (if applicable);
  • Motivation.

Specific criteria of the schools, such as English knowledge certificates or minimum working experience are paramount and mandatory.

Merit list

Hosting institution will be assigned on the basis of a merit list and then on the preference order expressed by candidate students (i.e. the first student on the merit list will get his first choice, following students on the merit list will get their first choices, unless spots available for those particular choices have already been assigned to previous students in the merit list, if so, they will be assigned to hosting institution in their preference list that have not yet been assigned to  other students).

Students that have not been assigned to any hosting Institution will be placed on a reserve list, in order of merit list. The vacant slots (those who have not been assigned and those that have been made available by withdrawing students) will be offered to the students in the reserve list. The reserve list is not subject to preferences expressed in the application.

Selection process
Selection process consists of the following steps:

  • Presentation of exchange opportunities in class by International Officer;
  • Expression of interest (only MBA part-time);
  • Formal application (application form and CV submission);
  • Motivation interview;
  • Publication of a merit list with the assigned destinations;
  • Destination acceptance by student/ Withdrawal from the exchange programme;
  • Nomination of the selected students to partner universities.

The hosting institution can refuse a candidature without the need of a formal explanation.

Course choice
If the exchange period covers

Core courses the students are required to:

  • If available: take the core courses abroad;
  • Fulfill the exams requirements as they are back from the exchange. In this latter case the master staff will provide the student with extra materials that can help independent study.

Elective courses:

  • Elective courses chosen at LUISS Business School can be substituted with courses available at host university, upon the director’s approval.

Accommodation abroad
Partner schools assist students in accommodation seeking, offering rooms in the school’s campuses or providing them with private room solutions.

Assistance abroad
Partner institution coordinator will be assigned to each student; thus all students will have a point of reference at a partner university.  However, students can always contact LUISS Business School International Officer for any issues related to their study abroad programme.