The programme is composed of 17 thematic areas totalling 192 hours and covering 32 days.

Course 1: Generating value through integrated customer insights (12 hours)

Rome, working week

  • Sources of customer insights: multi-method market research and applied neuroscience
  • (Small and big) data-driven insights
  • Structuring the work with data providers: market research structure, brief and analysis

Course 2: Marketing strategy, brand building and brand transformation (12 hours)

Rome, working week

  • Fundamentals of marketing strategy and brand management
  • Building, leveraging, extending and “renting” a brand
  • Managing brand value and brand P&L
  • Brand transformation

Course 3: Advanced product, service and experience marketing (12 hours)

Rome, working week

  • Fundamentals of product management
  • Augmenting products through services and experiences
  • Excellence in experience creation and delivery

Start of group work

Course 4: Pricing and value management (12 hours)

Milan, weekend

  • Fundamentals of pricing management
  • Applied pricing strategies and tactics
  • Introduction to price and revenue management

Course 5: Mastering traditional and digital communication (12 hours)

Milan, weekend

  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Marketing through traditional media
  • Introduction to digital and social media marketing

Quarter 1: Applied Consumer Behavior

Online course

  • Introduction to consumer behaviour
  • Use of consumer behaviour theory to stimulate sales

Course 6 – Decision journeys and agile marketing (12 hours)

Milan, weekend

  • Marketing based on the decision journey
  • Application of design thinking to marketing
  • Introduction to the marketing organization
  • Agile marketing: setup and organizational implications

Course 7 – Mastering creativity for brand value (12 hours)

Milan, weekend

  • The creative process
  • Applied creativity on the supplier side: brief and copy commenting
  • Applied creativity on the agency side: interpreting the brief and structuring copy; the art and tone of voice
  • Brand storytelling and brand journalism

Course 8 – Channels (12 hours)

Partner university, long weekend

  • Traditional channels
  • Digital channels
  • E-commerce: structure, alternatives and application

Course 9 – Excellence in customer and trade management (12 hours)

Rome, weekend

  • Customer management
  • Contract management: creating value through P&L management
  • Applied trade marketing

Course 10 – Sales-force management and go-to-market strategies (12 hours)

Rome, weekend

  • Multi-channel management
  • Introduction to omni-channel: logistics, IT and organizational implications
  • Sales-force effectiveness
  • Sales-force mindset and behaviours, and employer value proposition

Quarter 2: Introduction to applied digital and social media management

Online course

  • Managing the digital funnel
  • Introduction to influencer marketing
  • Applied SEM and SEO
  • Applied marketing via Facebook/Instagram
  • Behavioural profiling and tools that support digital and social media management

Course 11 – Augmented marketing (12 hours)

Milan, weekend

  • The decision journey and augmented marketing
  • Enhancing the experience through augmented reality, virtual reality and IoT marketing

Course 12 – CRM and AI for marketing (12 hours)

Milan, weekend

  • Mastering big data to generate value
  • CRM and the purchase of the next product
  • Marketing automation: strategies and tools
  • Introduction to machine learning for marketing

Course 13 – Digital Marketing in China (12 hours)

Milan, weekend

  • Introduction to Chinese customers
  • Social/digital media in China: WeChat
  • Social/digital media in China: other platforms (e.g., Weibo, YouKU, Baidu)
  • E-commerce in China
  • Comparing China-specific digital strategies with typical western strategies

Quarter 3: Marketing planning

Online course

  • Developing an integrated marketing plan
  • Markstrat game

Course 14 – Marketing-to-performance: applied awareness building and trial programs (12 hours)

Rome, weekend

  • Awareness and trial drivers
  • Strategies and tactics for building brand awareness
  • Strategies and tactics for generating product trials
  • Performance management and brand/product steering through awareness and loyalty programs

Course 15 – Marketing-to-performance: applied loyalty-building programs (12 hours)

Rome, weekend

  • Loyalty drivers
  • Strategies and tactics to stimulate loyalty: retention and win-back
  • Performance management and brand/product steering through loyalty programs
  • Introduction to after-sales as a marketing lever

Course 16 – Marketing-to-performance: applied customer-brand engagement (12 hours)

Rome, weekend

  • Drivers of brand engagement
  • Strategies and tactics to stimulate customer brand engagement


  • Presentation of group work
  • Graduation