Employability Lab

The lab aims to help students to further develop the 10 key skills indicated by the World Economic Forum 2020. The lab is organized in collaboration with LUISS Business School’s Career Service and is divided in three parts: Personal Assessment, Workshop and Team Coaching focusing on Critical Thinking, Felling and Emotions and Relationships with People, and Assessment Center.

AdVenture Lab

This lab aims to create an entrepreneurial framework and to allow students put to practice what they have learnt during the in class lessons. Students will learn basic mechanisms that allow the creation of a new business through a business plan. The lab will provide students with useful instruments to define a business idea, create a business plan, draft a marketing and fundraising campaign, and to define the organizational structure.

Social, Environmental and Impact Lab

The objective of this Lab is to sensitize students to current global issues. Students will have to analyze business cases and present creative and innovative solutions that take into account social, economic and environmental impact. Students will come up with ideas/solutions that will better and decrease the impact on a social/environmental and economic scale.

Creativity Lab

This Lab allows students to develop and acquire new skills using creativity. The objective is to help participants to create a work environment that values individuals by increasing personal motivation and favouring integration with other group components in order to obtain better results. Students will be divided in groups and will be guided through five sensory paths. Each group represents a creative team of a startup that is in competition with the others, and that has to use the five senses as 1) a creative tool to develop its products and 2) as an external communication instrument to increase its company visibility.

Digital Skills Lab

The Digital Skills Lab aims to increase the students’ comprehension of the organizational impact that the digital era has on businesses. The lab provides the necessary instruments to evaluate and identify digital processes, and it prepares students to have an active role in managing the new digital challenges. The Digital Skills Lab gives students the opportunity to acquire basic digital concepts by making a comparison between digitalization, digital transformation, digital ecosystems, areas and digital organizational functions. Furthermore, the Lab allows students to deepen their knowledge about digital organization.

Project Management Lab

The lab aims to provide the vocabulary and basic knowledge of the Project Management field in order to effectively contribute to various aspects of the planning and execution of a project. Furthermore, the Lab highlights the critical success factors of a project. The lab gives students basic knowledge of Project Management concepts, highlighting the fundamental differences between a project and a programme. Students will study the five group processes for the management of a project.

How-to-Present Lab

The objective of this lab is to give students the presentation tools necessary for the world of business. This lab is divided into three sections: personal branding, public speaking & pitching. The personal branding session aims to give students the basic notions regarding the use of social media in business, digital leadership and tools of brand management. The public speaking session provides methodologies for the management of stress and emotions during a presentation and the tools needed for public speaking. The pitching session aims to give students the necessary tools to elaborate a persuasive presentation in the work place.