The Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) is a board composed of the Master Scientific Committee and representatives of the most important firms in the industry, which aims to ensure student employability and business partner satisfaction.

The learning objective of the master is to transmit a body of knowledge that encompasses new technologies, understanding industry dynamics through the involvement of companies that act as a bridge between the classroom and the job market.

During the CAB our Corporate Partners:

  • Cooperate in the program design: sharing its objectives, curriculum, processes and training program.
  • Participate in teaching and coordinating activities:with business managers contributing on-the-job experience.
  • Support the Career Serviceteam: through the Field Project, a key opportunity for the students to be involved in a company experience.


The curriculum has been developed in close collaboration with MAG-JLT Group, our corporate partner and a leading global insurance broker for Italian companies working in national and international markets. The company has long and significant experience in developing risk management and insurance solutions for different business models.