The LUISS Admission Test evaluates the applicant’s skills, personal motivation and potential. It can be held on campus in Rome (Italy) or remotely via Skype.

The LUISS Admission test consists of:

  • LUISS English Test
    (Applicants with high TOEFL/IELTS scores can be exempted from the English test)
  • CEB SHL Logic Test – Inductive, Numerical, Deductive*
    (Applicants with high GMAT/GRE scores can be exempted from the Logic test)
  • Personal Interviews

The Admission Test allows to evaluate applicants’ profile and determine applicants’ fit with the LUISS Part-Time MBA program. Please note that places are limited.


For the Logic tests LUISS Business School uses the CEB – SHL platform. Through SHL Talent Measurement Solutions, CEB helps thousands of organizations worldwide achieve measurable business results from assessing, selecting, and developing the right people for the right roles. Employers consider what behaviors and abilities are required for good job performance, often described in terms of competencies. To measure an individual’s competencies, employers may use tests, interviews and other assessment tools.

Since we spend between a quarter and a third of our time at work, it is important that our abilities and interests fit the requirements of the role. Anyone from a new graduate to a manager may encounter one of these tests over the course of their hiring process. That is why LUISS Business School uses this platform to test students who apply to our programs. We are looking for students that fit with our programs, our values and who also have competencies for the business world.