Learning Tour: Doing Business in the European Union and in Italy

Learning Tour: Doing Business in the European Union and in Italy

“Thanks to our learning tours our guest participants will have a real “taste” of the Italian businesses. Both the classes and tours will allow a rich and deep exposure to the Italian way of doing business, starting from its cultural foundation and ending to the most advanced innovation. Famous brands and products will pace the path of such discovery!”

Luca Giustiniano

Topics covered during the learning tour will be focused on the knowledge and understanding of both the business rules and regulatory framework, and on the management and business generation in the European Union and in Italy.

Participants will explore issues related to the scenario in this specific business environment and will understand how to develop and manage a business in Italy and Europe. Within the last years the EU has been in an expansion phase thanks to new entry nations. Due to the market size and its economic value, knowledge and understanding of its business, is a relevant issue for the professional enhancement of global managers.

Among the EU founding countries, Italy has undergone a deep transformation over the last decades and its economic scenario presents strong peculiarities, as compared to the rest of Europe, due to the presence of many SMEs and family businesses.

Guest speakers and industry representatives will help participants understanding the competitive environment, opportunities and threats, and main aspects of doing business in this specific business environment.

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