The goal of this Skill Lab is to give participants a clear and in-depth view of what Artificial Intelligence can do and what it cannot do. Although starting with a theoretical framework that allows all participants to frame the topic in a clear and structured manner, the Lab aims, above all, to give space to exercises, with the possibility of ‘touching’ the technologies of Artificial Intelligence. In a nutshell, traditional systems used for maintenance in operations, supply chain, customer segmentation and demand planning all rely on the assumption that the future is more of the same, like the past.

However, our increasingly volatile world means that prediction error rates range from the 20%+ of best-in-class companies with predictable demand like Wal-Mart up to the 50% of more challenging B2B contexts. Waste, loss of profit and reduced competitive agility: to address such traditional problems, a new type of adaptive Artificial Intelligence allows one to change paradigm, i.e. dynamic demand discovery.

Much like stock prices reflect demand/supply information in real time, new customer data of any type – even heterogeneous and partially ‘dirty’ – provides signals and information to update expectations in real-time. These new technologies enable a radical transformation of management practice, commonly with 30%+ efficiency improvements across different domains like sales & marketing and supply chain. However, substantial re-training is required. This Lab will provide the key building blocks and language, plus bonus pointers to learn more about such fascinating disruptions to traditional management science.

Target Audience

The programme is aimed at Master and Executive students, as well as Italian managers and entrepreneurs trained in traditional contexts.

This Lab is particularly interesting for those who see in their business the intensive use of Artificial Intelligence and who would like exposure to some of the technicalities in implementing and leveraging these new AI-based technologie


Module 1 – Artificial Intelligence and Retailing
Module 2 – Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Goods
Module 3 – Practicing with Real AI in Retailing for Durable Goods


Scientific Director

Lorenza Morandini, Adjunct Professor of Supply Chain and Innovation, Luiss Business School

How to Apply

To enrol, candidates should submit their CV and the Application Form via e-mail to: executive@luiss.it.

In order to guarantee an educational experience in line with their professional goals, participants can be invited to take part in an interview.

Tuition and Funding

The tuition fee for the Executive Skill Lab in Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence @Work– Skill is € 1,500 + VA

Certificate of Participation

At the end of the programme a certificate of participation will be issued to those who have attended at least 80% of the training activities envisioned by the programme.

Fee Waivers

  • Any participant who has already attended a Luiss Business School programme or is a Luiss Guido Carli graduate will be entitled to a reduction of 10% of the fee payable.
  • Any company or institution that enrols multiple individuals in the same programme will be entitled to a reduction of a 10% the fee payable.
  •  Any participant who enrols at least 30 days before the start date will be entitled to an early bird reduction of 5% of the fee payable.
  • Any participant who enrols at least 60 days before the start date will be entitled to an early bird reduction of 10% of the fee payable.
  • The above reduction cannot be combined with any other reduction, scholarship or sponsorship support