Luiss Business School Consulting

Luiss Business School Consulting aims to address the increasing complexity of customers’ needs with an innovative approach founded on the profound belief that traditional models of management consultancy and advisory have quickly evolved to cooperate in open ecosystem frameworks. Coherently our model is based on partnering together with different actors to develop the right solutions to the end customers, including leading consulting firms as well as expert solution providers in a selected innovative competence areas. Our differentiating factor is therefore based on the ability to leverage a wide network of academic, industry and professional profiles, as well as our research, competence centers and laboratories and on a wide set of consolidated partners to guarantee a privileged point of view on the local and international business and its future and how to provide and implement successful solutions.

To give you an idea of our capabilities, over the past 12 months we have performed over 25 projects covering a wide spectrum of industries (Aviation, Construction, Consumer and Retail, Defense, Education, Public sector, Real Estate, Telco, Tourism, Transportation, Utilities) and functions (BPR, Change Management, Cybersecurity, Digital, HR capability development and policy making, Organization design and turnaround, Legal advisory PMO, Procurement , Supply chain) mainly in the Middle East and partially in Italy.

Our Numbers

+ 100 Partners between Universities and Business Schools across the globe

+ 50 Consulting projects in the last 3 years

+ 20 International projects in the last 12 months

+ 100 Professionals and consultants engaged in projects until now

+ 350 Academics and Researchers

+ 25 Competence Centers, Labs and Research Centers

Our Expertise

Our consulting services focus on the most relevant issues and opportunities for our clients.

Top Line

  • Strategy Definition and Implementation
  • Strategic and Operating Marketing
  • Segmentation and Tailoring
  • Customer Experience Enhancement
  • New Business Evaluation


  • Finance Restructuring
  • Cost Analysis
  • Performance Measurement

People & Organization

  • Organization Design
  • Restructuring
  • Sizing
  • BPR
  • Capabilities Development
  • Competency Based Framework
  • Academy set-up


  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • PMO


  • Digital Transformation
  • IT
  • Cyber
  • Data Analytics

Sustainability & CSR

  • Sustainability Report
  • Corporate Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Social and Environmental Assessment

Representative International Projects

Our consulting services focus on the most relevant issues and opportunities for our clients.

Public Sector

Vision 2030
Human Capabilities Development SAUDI ARABIA

Entertainment & Tourism
National Inbound Tourist Company Set-up and Development OMAN

Scholar Evaluation Model Definition SAUDI ARABIA
Development Education Gifetd Students SAUDI ARABIA
PMO Support for a Strategy Implementation SAUDI ARABIA
Organization Set-up for Gov Agency SAUDI ARABIA

Support for audit and airport operation improvements OMAN
Airport food market analysis and logistic operation improvements MIDDLE EAST
Revenue management enhancement for a national Airlines MIDDLE EAST
Cybersecurity strategic and implementation plan OMAN
Transportation Holding PMO support OMAN

Defence & Security
Strategic Plan and organization turnaround for one of the police forces EUROPE
Academy Set-up SAUDI ARABIA
Regulation Development for a Gov entity SAUDI ARABIA

Private Sector

5G rollout administrative process implementation EUROPE

Consumer & Retail
Customer Experience enhancement in retail shop EUROPE

Private Equity
Market Analysis to support a Due diligence EUROPE

Real Estate
Strategic Plan for a local association SAUDI ARABIA

PMO Support for efficiency improvement SAUDI ARABIA
Cybersecurity analyst, PMO, IT Demand EUROPE
Field warehouse management improvement EUROPE
Digital Plan implementation EUROPE