Project Organising Competence Centre

Project Organising Competence Centre

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Project Organising Competence Centre

The economic relevance of project organizing is unquestionable: McKinsey (2013) argues the world would need to spend in new infrastructure projects $57 trillion just to keep up with the projected growth until 2030. Project organising has become pervasive: it spans a variety of business dimensions – e.g. from R&D and new product development to the implementation of organizational change – and cuts across industries – e.g. management consulting, engineering, music, movies, software services. Western societies are experiencing a gradual process of projectification, leading to an increasing use of “temporary solutions” in and between organizations. This projectification process makes effective management of projects increasingly important as well as highlights the importance of creating a better understanding of the linkages between projects and organizations.


The LUISS Business School Project Organising Competence Centre (POCC) aims to promote research, build theory, and support improvements in project practices by forging a close collaboration with industrial partners in Italy and internationally. POCC constitutes a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and learn about new developments in the practice and theory of project organizing.

POCC research activities intend to sharpen our understanding of project organizations, to develop and validate new conceptual frameworks and novel methods, and further knowledge of how to organize, plan and design, manage, lead, and govern projects. POCC main research objectives are:

  • Explore the value of using and juxtaposing different conceptual lenses to improve our understanding of how to best structure and manage project
  • Discuss how to use projects as an empirical setting for rigorous research that can contribute to advance mainstream management and organization theory
  • Learn from practitioners about the challenges and problems of conceiving and delivering projects, and test the relevance of research as to how they can be overcome


POOC research team conducts relevant research to address problems as faced by managers and executives in project organisations – e.g. projects, megaprojects, project-based organisations, project-based firms, etc.