Winning Chinese Customers


The course, carried out in partnership with China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP),  aims at providing participants with the necessary tools to become acquainted with the Chinese market and understand its key features (opportunities, expanding industries and main relevant issues), the geopolitical context, recent economic transformations, consumers’ differences and the marketing technologies needed to step up the foreign market.

The course will give to each participant a holistic yet thorough overview on Chinese entrepreneurial environment and market dynamics and it is designed to provide the following Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide basics to understand the macro-differences between the western business context and the Chinese one, as well as the political, social and economic features that shape the Chinese market and local, regional and centralized decision-making processes;
  • Show participants the importance of diverse economic activities, market opportunities in the country and its distinguishing features;
  • Through the analyses of successful cases, allow participants to experience first-hand the advantages and the new perspectives offered to innovative entrepreneurs willing to take up new challenges in China;
  • Provide participants with digital marketing tools, highlighting the differences between eastern and western media with the purpose to develop the Chinese “custom-base”;
  • Develop commercial problem solving and dispute settlement skills;
  • Offer participants the opportunity to carry on and finalize an entrepreneurial project to actively approach the Chinese market;
  • Connect participants with Chinese outlook and allow them to test the feasibility of their business idea in Shanghai, during the second block;
  • We will provide the fact sheet of each participants, listing your company profile, features of your products and your Intentions to China (get investment, sell products, find the distribution channels, find a China partner, etc.), in order to pitch the right Chinese business partners for you.

Target Audience

The programme is aimed at entrepreneurs and managing directors of medium enterprises that focus on B2C, and who are willing to look into the Chinese market features, i.e.: key industries, consumers profiling, market dynamics and marketing strategies.

The course also addresses:

  • Start uppers willing to tackle the Chinese market and its consumers;
  • Consultants and professionals who would like to strengthen their knowledge of the Chinese economic context and its numerous opportunities;
  • Managers working to reach out towards the Chinese market.