The course is divided into two blocks, the first “Lay the Foundations” and the second “China Deep Immersion”.

1st Block “Lay the Foundations”

Doing Business in the far big markets for Italian Entrepreneurs

  • Key economics trend in China;
  • The institutional framework in China;
  • Main cultural and social trends and their key impacts on the markets networks to internationalize in China.

Chinese consumers behavior and insights

  • Strategic Marketing in China;
  • Face B2B and B2C challenges in China;
  • Tools and online marketing channels, specific for the Chinese market;
  • Defining omni-challenge strategies for market expansion (successful cases).

Building capabilities for internationalization in China

  • Coping with Chinese public administration;
  • Develop strategic JV with local partners and cultural issues in managing relations with Chinese partners;
  • Key issues in Human resource management.

Competition landscape in China

  • E-commerce booming in China;
  • Retailer and e-commerce markets in China: the customer journey between on and offline;
  • The evolution of the omni-channel strategy;
  • The integration of content management capabilities to drive consumer behavior.

Embracing local contexts

  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ), key investment industries, exchange opportunities between Italy and China: Italian companies experiences in SEZs;
  • How to gain embeddness in the Chinese Market and Community;
  • Behavioral rules to be respected;
  • Adaptation vs standardization in China: key principles and specific issues in the main markets.

Digital China

  • Rethink brand and product strategies in light of Chinese markets and consumer behavior to seize opportunities and challenges created by digital technology;
  • Tools of digital marketing and successful strategies to understand online consumers;
  • Digital development of the Chinese consumer: distinguishing features;
  • Digital Strategies in China compared with the rest of the world;
  • An overview of successful internationalization strategies run by Italian companies in China;
  • How to exploit digital transformation to win the Chinese digital landscape.

2nd Block “China Deep Immersion”

  • Company visit (real situation learning) at or case study of:
  • Alibaba
  • Freshhippo
  • Mushroom Street
  • Meituan/Dianping
  • Luckin
  • Max Mara in China
  • Ferrero Rocher in China


  • Seminar with online and offline channels:
  • Online channels:
    • COM
    • COM
    • COM
    • SECOO
  • Offline channels:
    • Wanda
    • China Resources
    • Joy city
    • SWIRE
  • Networking with globalized Chinese companies;
  • Networking with CEIBS Fashion industry alumni association
  • Meet with Chinese investors and counterparts
  • Meet with local chambers and investment/trade agency
  • Simulation: your entering strategy in China