Flexibility, Global perspective and networking are the foundation of future Executive learning.

The Luiss FLEX EMBA represents a unique experience of personal development for those who want to improve their professionals skills, boost their careers and manage innovative and competitive skills required by the market.

Entrepreneurial partners of our university will introduce the aspects of their core business during the core courses, seminars and networking initiatives analyzing market opportunities and giving students the chance to communicate their ideas following a reciprocal proactive exchange.


Flexible learning offers the opportunity to choose when, where and how to learn.

The Programme is flexible and adaptable to both personal needs and professional commitments, through a digital delivery method that envisages 70% of lessons in the form of distance learning.

The Flex EMBA offer  an optimal balance between “on campus” training sessions, “synchronous” distance learning and the provision of ad hoc selfstudy materials;


In an interconnected World, being a successful Leader means thinking global.

Programme’s participants come from/ work in different countries with diverse cultures, also the learning experience is inspired by international teaching methods, research centers and companies.

Moreover, thanks to an international week organised at a partner business school, participants will enrich what they have already learned with international contents and perspectives and with a specific in-depth study of the geographic area where the module is located.


Effective networking is the key to success for any executive.

The Programme offers a series of activities aimed at improving participants’ professional profile and growing their business network.  Networking activities will be mostly organized during the periods on campus,

Networking and career support are assured by:

  • an extensive structured programme of meetings with managers, entrepreneurs, civil servants and high-level experts;
  • workshops and specialised seminars on issues related to the development of professional skills, career development and organisational dynamics;
  • services dedicated to each participant and designed to support their professional growth.