Why Luiss Business School
Why Luiss Business School
Passion for Quality in Teaching, Learning and Research
Why Luiss Business School
Why Luiss Business School


The School’s vision is to rethink the higher education industry. A future in which knowledge, digital, data, internationalisation, relations with the business community and the creation of research content will give rise to a unique, smart, flexible and customisable learning platform with an impact.


To achieve this vision, the School adapts and reinvents the experience of managerial training by valuing economic, social and human capital, academic output, fostering critical thinking and incorporating ethics and responsibility in order to support the development of creative, collaborative and resilient leaders.

Luiss Business School is the place where stakeholders are guided in growth and transformation, and where students acquire the ability to translate academic knowledge into concrete actions, developing the skills instrumental to creating new opportunities in the digital age and achieving stronger businesses, capable of facing the social and economic challenges that await them.

Our Values


The School is fully committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, as well as to providing a high level of services that allow students to focus on their personal, professional, and academic development.

Academic Freedom

The School enforces academic freedom as a basic right for its faculty, scholar, and students in order to maintain an environment that allows open discourse in all subject areas.


The demand of ethically and socially responsible behavior from the School’s students, academics and professional staff is deeply rooted in the identity of the school.


The School serves the interests and needs of markets and all stakeholders, free from any political or religious interest and orientation.


Luiss Business School is the School of Business and Management of the Luiss Guido Carli University. Its mission is to promote the development of professionals capable of leading change and innovation processes. The teaching methods are based on the close link between teaching and applied research, experiential activities and academic excellence, in order to meet real needs of the business community. It is a true bridge between the academic and business world.

The differentiation factors

Luiss Business School develops and promotes research in different academic fields with a focus on Strategy and Corporate Renewal, Corporate Governance and Performance Measurement, as well as Innovation and Organization Design. The research is grounded in knowledge of business processes and corporate environments and covers emergent key areas, such as Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability. The experiential activities and the personal leadership are a bridge between the needs of the corporate and public organizations, and academic world

Luiss Business School aims to develop students’ cognitive and soft skills, their capacity to relate in an international and multiethnic environment, to learn from experience, and to know their-own mission and vision for the future. This is mainly achieved through the promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit introducing innovative programs where analytical thinking combined with a “can do” attitude will lead to growth.

Luiss Business School is a bridge between the academic and business worlds through its long-term partnership with Confindustria, where key partners from the corporate, no profit and public sectors are directly engaged in the co-creation of specific programs that aim to advance knowledge on management practices. Luiss Business School experience is strongly international to guarantee a global approach and the possibility of creating a network with no boundaries.

The Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability Hub (ERShub) has been created to give value to ethics, responsibility and sustainability in management education and in economic action in general. ERShub promotes the idea that an ethical, responsible, and sustainable approach in doing business is instrumental to achieving significant and long lasting economic results while allowing to properly interpret the today’s world dynamics and the global challenges characterizing it.

Luiss Business School is a top-level Business school in the world’s heritage city of Rome, where beauty, history and culture provide an amazing environment. The School is situated in one of the most remarkable, historic and artistic parts of Rome and its buildings mirror the atmosphere and the beauty of the city.