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Programmi Custom
Programmi Custom
Programmi Custom
Mission & Educational Model

Custom Programs & Consulting has a key role in linking the academic and corporate worlds and training managers and business professionals.

The School is a responsive partner for corporations and organisations that want to help their talents and managers develop appropriate skills and competencies.

Being aimed at private and public organisations willing to improve managerial and organisational skills of their human

capital, the Custom Programmes are meant to increase organisational performance through learning, to sustain partners’ growth and transformation and to develop longlasting strategic alliances with corporate and institutional partners. Custom programmes aim to foster participants’ career path, improve their leadership skills and their functional and technical competences.

The Cutom Programmes’ contribution to achieving the School’s vision – whose broad goal is to rethink the higher education industry granting a unique, smart, flexible and customizable learning experience – can be summed up as follows:

  • Developing institutional and organizational competencies to better understand and satisfy the educational needs of the national and international business markets, analysing both the industry and market trends.
  • Providing integrated offerings (such as custom programmes and consulting projects) to companies and organisations, designing each programme to meet specific needs
  • Contributing to the evolution and progress of the socioeconomic environment and to the development of a highly productive and smart business ecosystem.

Fundamental drivers of the educational model are:

  • Personalisation: products are customized on the specific needs of target groups through a detailed co-design and micro-planning activity
  • Innovation: there is continuous innovation in learning techniques, highly interactive
  • Business Impact: training effectiveness must be reached with concrete output both at individual (knowledge, competences and behaviours) and organizational level (performance).