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How do we work

The School designs and delivers custom programmes for client organisations in different sectors and of different sizes (including large corporations, small-medium enterprises, banks and insurance companies, central and local public organisations).

The tailor-made solutions are always customised and flexible; the objectives, contents, formats and methodologies are shared with the client and adapted to different needs. Luiss BS plans its training initiatives by becoming a partner of companies: it supports them in identifying needs, solving problems and applying solutions and it accompanies them in the renewal of organisational culture and the strengthening of corporate identity. The Luiss BS teams help developing both professional growth, and enforcing the corporate values.

The basic approach is to work together with partners, leveraging their knowledge of the specific reality and enhancing it with the contributions deriving from a balanced mix of academia and business knowledge.

The methodological approach followed is represented in the below figure (both for ad hoc training courses/custom programmes and consulting projects).

The methodological approach is as follows (both for ad hoc training courses/custom programmes and consulting projects):

  • Identification of the client organisation’s needs
  • Macro-planning of the custom programme
  • Proposal presentation and Feedback from the client
  • Implementation: Micro-planning & Delivery
  • Final evaluation of the project

Each planning step is co-designed with the organization. While the timing and modes of the implementation stage are adapted to the organisation’s needs.

To deliver the highest quality for clients, Custom Programmes can include one or more pilot editions, which are modified based on participant feedback.

The main lines of activities of Custom Programmes & Consulting are the following: Corporate, Banks and Public Administration & Healthcare for Custom Programmes and Open Consulting and Consulting Institutional Projects & Tenders for Consulting.

Custom Programmes & Consulting BU is the dedicated structure to follow its customers in all stages of a training

programme or consulting project on the basis of a model characterised by:

  • an orientation to establish long-term partnerships and collaborations.
  • a support in the proper diagnosis of the company situation
  • Luiss BS team dedicated to the corporate and institutional partners
  • the access to a national and international network of professors and professionals
  • the maximum contextualisation to the client and the use of innovative teaching methodologies

The unit aims to provide an overall customer experience that meets the long-term needs, being a partner that combines academic rigour with business knowledge and offers integrated services of training and consulting. The unit will provide 360° assistance, from the knowledge transfer (training) to the knowledge application in practice (consulting).