Useful information

Services, campus and activities: the guidelines about the most interesting info for students.

At Luiss Business School the training process is carried outside as inside the classroom. The facilities of the university enable numerous extra-curricular activities as important experiences. In this perspective, there are also sports and cultural activities.

Workshops, world known speakers, team building, activities and events for the community Luiss Business School.

Rome Experience

Rome is more!
there is no place like Rome. The city is a cultural melting pot. Its historic centre is listed by UNESCO as world heritage site; welcoming about 12 million visitors per year from all over the world. Rome is the capital of the country and seat of the government, and an inspiring city and a business hub open to networking.

Visas and Residence Permits

Support for international students who will have to forward the necessary documentation to live and study in Italy.


Luiss Business School signed agreements with many companies in order to offer and staff all useful opportunities.

Healt Care

At the office Diritto dello studio in Viale Gorizia 17, a free healthcare outpatient unit is available for all the students enrolled in the Associazione Laureati.


Extra curricular activities, services and administrative support for students.

Cultural Activities

Luiss Business School organizes photograph and writing courses, theater labs and other cultural activities.