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To comply with regulation, Luiss will issue duty stamped certificates that can only be used in relationships between private individuals and entities, on which the following caption is printed, as required by law (L. 183/2011 art. 15): “This certificate cannot be generated for use by entities in public administration or private agencies administering public services“.

The issue of every certificate requires at least € 32 to be paid, since a € 16 duty stamp has to be affixed on the certificate request form and another € 16 duty stamp will be affixed on every issued certificate. This means that, for every document required, one more duty stamp needs to be added.

In order to obtain duty stamped certificates you should:

– fill in the certificate request form;
– provide the mandatory duty stamps. There are two ways to carry out this duty:

  • you can buy the duty stamps and bring them to the Certification Office;
  • you can pay by bank transfer. Here below you can find the bank details for your reference:

Account Holder: Luiss Guido Carli 
Address: Viale Pola, 12 – 00198 Roma (RM)
Reason for the payment: Duty stamps for certificate Luiss Business School
Bank: INTESA SANPAOLO filiale n. 06793
Address: Piazza Bologna, 45 – 00162 Roma
ABI: 03069
CAB: 05060
C/C: 100000300001
IBAN: IT37U0306905060100000300001

  • please, send by e-mail the certificate request form together with the proof of payment (if you paid by bank transfer) to certificazioniluissbs@luiss.it; you will have to enclose a copy of your ID card;
  • wait for an answer by the Certification Office: you will know how long it takes for the certificate to be ready. If the student requires it, it can be sent by regular postal mail.

The types of duty stamped certificates that can be requested – available both in Italian and in English – are listed on the certificate request form.

In case of certifications with specific, additional requirements, you will have to specify them on the request form (“Altro”).

In case of documents requiring special additions, such as certificates to be used abroad, it is necessary to contact certificazioniluissbs@luiss.it so that the feasibility for issuing the certificate can be verified.


Procedure for picking up certificates

  • In person or through a proxy at the Organizational Secretariat, via Nomentana 216, Villa Blanc, C Building, first floor. The delegate will have to bring an identification document, a signed proxy form on plain paper, together with a photocopy of an identification document of the interested party;
  • send by mail to the address indicated on the request form.

Self-certification forms

In accordance with Article 15 of Law 183/2011, local authorities and agencies managing public services can no longer request or accept certificates from private individuals and entities that have been generated by other public offices.

For relationships with entities in public administration and agencies administering public services, self-certification forms are always used in lieu of certificates. Entities in public administration and agencies administering public services are required to accept self-certifications; if they do not, it is considered a violation of their official duties.

Luiss Business School is offering a service to adapt to this regulation. Self-certifications are available on the Web Self Service: they are issued on plain paper and they are not subject to the payment of any duty stamp.

Please note that you should verify, especially in documents to be used abroad, that self-certifications can be used in lieu of official, duty stamped certificates, requested to the Official Secretariat.

To access the service, students will need their personal credentials to enter Web Self Service. Moreover, they should be in compliance with their Administrative