Custom Programs

Corporate clients increasingly expect executive education focuses on organizational performance and individual improvement, as well, through the alignment with their challenges and objectives. In particular, the close link among organizational performance, individual improvement and corporate performance is increasing the attention on:

  • the development of executive skills in leadership, strategy, execution, innovation, and problem solving;
  • the development of a global and customer-focused mind-set;
  • the capability to successfully face a hard-to-be-managed scenario;
  • the delivery of contents such as selling, coaching, and strategic talent management, among others;
  • the delivery of integrated, action-and-results-oriented learning experiences;
  • the capability to serve multiple locations;

LUISS Business School is aiming its efforts in order to make its Custom Programmes results-driven and to delivery an unique learning experience. Our Custom Programmes have common features:

  • true and tested research-based contents, in particular when commonly accepted solutions are unavailable;
  • campus learning experience, that allows executives to step away from the ‘day to day’ and think out of the rules; LUISS BS to better control the learning experience
  • high-standing extended Faculty;
  • access to resources in order to manage the entire process.

LUISS Business School is facing the challenge of the Corporate Clients’ new emerging needs through a global action based on:

  • Integrated solutions: that is to say, not simply the programmes, but their integration into the clients’ broader learning and development framework;
  • Action learning: a real source of competitive advantage for the clients because of the action-learning approach based on classroom, workplace, and life experiences;
  • Blend delivery: that is to say, seeking delivery options that blend face-to-face and technology-enabled formats to reach participants everywhere;
  • Total experiences: that means the learning experience itself is part of the corporate strategy and the related processes. The total experience (classroom, campus, application activities) is our key successful factor;
  • Consultative approach: if we do not talk anymore about standardised training programmes towards, B-Schools are required to behave as consultants in business development, program development, and client relations.

So, the Custom Porgrammes of LUISS Business School is able to delivery a real, results-driven experience.

Custom Programs