MBA International Week, focused on “Made in Italy”, aims to bring together talented students from international business schools. Business Case “Benetton Sales Distribution Channel Strategy – The Franchising Expansion” is developed in collaboration with Benetton Group. The programme structure includes workshops held by Benetton Guest Speakers and LUISS Faculty, group works on business case, a learning tour to Benetton distinctive locations and side events. During this week, students will have a great chance to meet and interact with the Benetton team.


Benetton Sales Distribution Channel Strategy. The Franchising Expansion

In this business case, we will scrutinise a potential strategic move of Benetton from a business model based on licensed small stores to an eventual franchise oriented business model.
This will require convincing the current independent stores, which account for 75% of Benetton’s points of sale, to start operating based on a franchise agreement.
The students will discuss and analyse the challenges, and devise an action plan to realise the strategic change.
Students will be provided with all the necessary materials before their arrival to be able to learn more about the topic.