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LUISS Business School’s Master in Big Data Management, provides young professionals with the skills to be at the forefront of modern Business Analytics technique and to become accomplished Data Scientist.

The Master in Big Data Management programme prepares students to work effectively with heterogeneous, real-world data, training them to become experts in extracting useful insights for business. It provides a unique blend of information technology, mathematical, analytical, and managerial skills. The master features a project-based approach to learning and encourages the pragmatic application of a variety of different tools and methods to solve complex problems.

Professional Competence

  • Mastering the modern business analytics technique
  • Becoming a data scientist
  • Managing and analysing heterogeneous, real-world data
  • Working with different tools and methods to solve complex problems

Job Opportunities

There is a growing demand for professionals trained to collect data and to use analytics tools to drive business decisions. At the same time, there is a short supply of data scientists in the global job market. The gap between demand and supply of skills is accelerating. While it poses serious challenges for recruiters, it offers enviable opportunity for professionals who have the right skills and training.

Graduates obtain a variety of skills required for a career in predictive analytics, including the ability to analyze large datasets and to develop modeling solutions for decision support. Students also gain a good understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing, finance, customer relationship management along with communication skills to present results to a non-technical business audience.

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