Open Consulting
Open Consulting
An innovative philosophy in supporting businesses and institutions based on the ability to integrate excellence and cooperation in the system.
Open Consulting
Open Consulting
An innovative philosophy in supporting businesses and institutions based on the ability to integrate excellence and cooperation in the system.
Areas of Activity

An approach based on dialogue, listening and understanding, and the ability to work together to design and maintain sustainable solutions over time.

Family Business Management

Family businesses have particular characteristics that depend on the ownership model and the stage that they are at (first, second or third generation). The proposed approach allows the entrepreneur to assess the business impact of his or her choices and to identify the most suitable solutions.

  • Governance models
  • Relationship between governance and management
  • Generational changeover

Top Line

Top-line management in the current scene is made complex by new technologies, changing relationships with foreign markets and increasing competition. The use of specific skills is a differentiating factor for success.

  • Identification and launch of new business & alliances
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Multichannel
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer experience
  • Marketing & Communication


Following development of the domestic market, the internationalisation process often becomes essential to ensure further growth and risk diversification. This delicate process requires a careful analysis of markets and operations analysis for which expertise and international networks are indispensable.

  • Specific analysis of individual countries/markets
  • Feasibility study
  • Support for the formalisation of partnership agreements

Project Finance

Project finance is an enabling lever for the financial sustainability and development of a business. The increasing level of complexity of the process requires solid experience to gain access to capital in new projects.

  • Support in the drafting of technical and economic documentation
  • Support in the accreditation process for raising capital
  • Support in the economic restructuring of existing projects

Operations & Supply Chain

I nostri clienti industriali si trovano a gestire forti cambiamenti nella gestione della Supply Chain, sempre meno globale e più locale, con forte pressione sui costi e sulla velocità di reazione.

  • Revisione Strategica e Ruolo delle Operation
  • Ridisegno delle Operation
  • Ottimizzazione costi di breve periodo
  • Riduzione dei costi di acquisto come leva strategica

Organisational Models and Skills

The revision of organisational models and their operational efficiency, combined with the ability to perform immediate reskilling and achieve a leadership upgrade to tackle new challenges, is an increasingly determining factor for attaining success for Italian businesses, which are faced with increasingly changing market conditions.

  • Review of the organisational model and governance
  • Impact of smart-working
  • BPR: Business Process Re-engineering
  • Program Management and change management
  • Archetypes of corporate culture

Digital Transformation

In recent years, the role of technology within companies has become an enabling factor for both business development and security protection.

  • IT Cost Optimisation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Innovation: Robotic Process, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data and Cybersecurity

Financial Restructuring

Financial restructuring aims to restructure debt with a view to relaunching the business and rebalancing its parameters.

  • Businesses in good standing with credit institutions, the Exchequer, suppliers and employees
  • Businesses flagged by the national credit registry
  • Businesses in a state of deep crisis and at high risk of insolvency

Use of Tax Relief from a Development Standpoint

The legislator is systematically using tools like tax breaks to promote the development and innovation of Italian businesses. A correct management of these tools will enable the business to benefit economically from them, avoiding the risks of a non-professional approach.

  • Preparation of supporting documentation for tax credits
  • Guiding businesses through the process also in partnership with other specialists (e.g. tax law firms)
  • Adequacy of tax arrangements, with a possible introduction to international taxation