Luxury Management

Objectives of the Major in Luxury Management

Following the rapid evolution of the job market and the growing request for profiles with a versatile understanding of the fashion, luxury and tourism industries, Luiss Business School has launched the Master’s Degree Programme in Fashion, Luxury and Tourism Management. The programme offers a modern approach to the field to establish a solid foundation for a successful career.

The programme balances managerial courses with more strategic and creative lectures. The management course gives candidates the knowledge they need to lead companies in these industries while the strategic and creative lectures, give students a deep understanding of the field’s underlying dynamics.

The Master’s Degree Programme is divided into the following majors:

  • Fashion Management (English, Rome)
  • Luxury Management (English, Rome)
  • Tourism Management (English, Rome)
  • Tourism Management (Italian, Belluno)
  • Fashion and Luxury Business (English, Milan and Amsterdam)

The Master’s Degree Programme allows students to receive a general managerial education before beginning the specialised paths of each major. All majors start with the foundations and core concepts of Management, Economics, Marketing, and Branding with a special focus on the Italian market.

Luxury Management is one of the majors of the Master’s Degree Programme in Fashion, Luxury and Tourism Management.

The uniqueness of the luxury industry lies in the fact that luxury products and services require promotion and distribution that follow different logics. Luxury products target specific niches of the market that are willing to pay more for them. The luxury industry, even during the global economic crisis, did not only survive but continued to show a stable, unexpected growth (Bain report, 2015).

The Major in Luxury Management will provide participants with the skills and competencies required to become a key figure within the industry. The Programme has selected the best lecturers from several luxury segments to provide participants with a fruitful learning experience. Lecturers train students with a practical and efficient approach involving group projects, case studies and role playing, enabling each participant to gain great practice.

Throughout the programme, students:

  • understand the operating mechanisms in the various luxury segments and in the luxury industry as a whole
  • comprehend corporate and business strategies
  • discover the modern key figures operating in the luxury industry and develop competencies and skills to access those jobs
  • manage the product portfolio and analyse distributional channels
  • become proficient with communication and image tools and techniques

Diploma and ECTS

The Master in Fashion, Luxury and Tourism Management – Major in Luxury Management is a one-year Master of Science equivalent to “Master Universitario di I livello” in accordance with the Italian university system. It provides students with at least 60 ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. At the end of the Programme, the Master’s Diploma “Master Universitario di I livello” will be conferred to participants who have passed exams or others assessment tests envisaged in the study program.

Target audience of the Major in Luxury Management

The Major in Luxury Management is aimed at recent graduates — or those graduating soon — interested in developing competencies required in the fashion industry.

Career prospects

The programme enables graduates to undertake career paths in a wide range of organisations in the luxury industry, in positions including:

  • Luxury Advisor
  • Luxury Products and Brand Image Promoter
  • Retail or Wholesale Manager
  • Operations and Supply Chain Support
  • Press Agent
  • Luxury Communication Manager

Direction and Coordination

Scientific Director of the master

Luca Pirolo, Head of Master Programmes, Luiss Business School 

Scientific Director of the major in Luxury Management

Alberto Festa, Luxury Consultant Kering Group

Scientific Committee

Olivia Mariotti, Olivia Mariotti & Co
Gianluca Brozzetti, Ceo Buccellati
Claudia D’Arpizio, Partner Bain & Co. Italy
Alberto Festa, Scientific Director of the major in Luxury Management
Luca Pirolo, Head of Master Programmes, Luiss Business School
Ferruccio Ferragamo
, President Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.
Massimo Paloni, Global Supply Chain Executive Vice President Bulgari
Massimo Paoloni, Global Supply Chain Executive Vice President, Bulgari