The curriculum is designed to ensure and support the progressive professional and personal growth of the students. Students will benefit from a productive learning experience made up of lessons, case studies, group work sessions, and a high-level faculty of both academics and professionals.

During the Master, students will receive constant support from Career Service who will help them increase their employability in the labour market and aid them in the search for a curricular internship.


Induction week is an introductive week in which students can settle in and familiarize themselves with life on campus. Ice-breaking labs, seminars, workshops, and presentations will be organized for the students. Students will meet their classmates and will have a better idea of the services offered, as well as the curricular and extra-curricular activities planned.

General Management

  • Strategy
  • CRM & Promotion
  • Accounting & Performance Measurement
  • Financial Management
  • Organization & HRM
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Corporate Sustainability


  • Organization & People Management in Luxury and Fashion Firms
  • Branding
  • Brand Strategies in Luxury Industries
  • Operation & Supply Chain Management
  • Business Models in Luxury Industries
  • Luxury Channel & distribution Management
  • Management Control
  • Luxury Market & Key Players
  • Tour Operator
  • Store Concept & Design
  • Product & Merchandising
  • Consumer Behaviour in Luxury Industries
  • Focus Areas


  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Cars & Yachts
  • Design and Art
  • Beauty & Fragrancies
  • Hotel & SPA
  • Wines & Food
  • Fashion and Accessories 


At the end of lectures, students will test their preparation by carrying out an exciting group project. Under the guidance of a tutor they will tackle a real case, chosen by our partners, and present their conclusions to a committee of experts.


Learning labs focus on personal development. During the programme, students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions during which they will: cultivate intellectual flexibility; develop problem solving skills; learn to adapt in diverse situations; refine cross-cultural awareness.

Read more about the Learning Labs


The curricular internship is generally done at the end of the Master and represents an opportunity for students to combine theory and hands-on experience, coming into direct contact with professionals working in the industry. Career Services supports students in their search for internship opportunities, thus helping to broaden students’ career prospects and giving them the possibility to acquire the necessary work experience, increasing and improving their skills and expanding their business network.


The Master lasts 12 months and it is composed of 4 terms.

  • Term 1: September – December 2019
  • Term 2: January – March 2020
  • Term 3: Apri – June 2020
  • Term 4: Internship

Please note that the academic calendar is subject to change, to get more information and details write to