Discover the Luiss Full-time MBA throughout one-to-one information sessions, webinars, seminars, open lessons and more!

The Full-time MBA offers so much more than a website can contain. For this reason, you have the chance to take part in countless events, both on campus and virtually to understand true value of an advanced business degree such as the MBA.  From a dedicated career service and personal coaches to world-class professors and friendly staff, it will be clear why Luiss MBA has a “boutique feel” no other Business School can offer.

Whether you are trying to transform your world or changing the wider world, Luiss Business School is your platform for new business thinking and your connection to the business community.


Meet and Greet

Come to one of our Meet&Greet Events, informative meetings designed to offer all the relevant information on specific MBA aspects in a relaxed and informal setting. Prospective students are welcomed in small groups and encouraged to talk and ask questions to our staff members and MBA Alumni, that will gladly give personalized advices and counseling. You will have the opportunity to understand how to leverage on the most innovative aspects of the MBA and how to get the most out of this life-changing experience.

We look forward to meeting you in person!

more events coming soon!

Open Lessons

Join an Open Lesson to experience firsthand what it is like to be an MBA student for a day. Sit in class with current students and understand how a typical MBA lesson is structured: from interactive discussions to a practice-based approach.

You can attend the lesson either in person or via a virtual webinar!

more events coming soon!

Campus Visit

Take a glimpse of your future home during one of our campus visits. Enjoy the beauty of our brand-new Villa Blanc Campus in the heart of Rome. A stunning 19th century Villa completely restored and brought back to its original beauty. Stroll through its lush park and mesmerizing architecture while experiencing a state-of-the-art technology in a unique blend of antique and modern. Villa Blanc is a one-of-a-kind Campus, where history and future meet.

more events coming soon!

MBA Generation

We have an MBA suitable for every stage of your career. From young professionals to middle-manager and c-level, we design our MBAs to match the different needs and expectations of each generation of students. So, no matter what your current situation is, if you want to grow, we have the right MBA to boost your potential.
To know more, join us for one of our MBA Generation, an open evening which gives you a great opportunity to find out first-hand more about our MBA Programmes.

  • Full-Time MBA – Aimed at young professionals who want to fast-track their career
  • Part-Time MBA Rome – Designed for all those who wish to develop their professional ambitions along with their tight working schedules.
  • Part-Time MBA Milan – Dedicated to managers, entrepreneurs, startuppers and professionals who want to invest in themselves and boost their careers maintaining their work schedules.
  • Executive MBA – Tailored specifically for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs willing to boost their personal and professional life, allowing them to conciliate both education and work.

You will have the chance to talk to our MBA coordinators, career service staff, and recruiting office and have the chance to attend a simulation of the admission test.

Start Your Journey, Join the MBA Generation

more events coming soon!


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