Learning LABs

Learning labs focus on personal development and are tailored to specific focuses. Students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions during which they will: cultivate intellectual flexibility, develop problem solving skills, learn to adapt to diverse situations and refine cross-cultural awareness.

AdVenture Lab

The AdVenture Lab provides students with the skills and knowledge to create and manage new ventures and business ideas. Candidates have the chance to be actively involved in developing an entrepreneurial project, from either an established company seeking solutions to their current needs or from a start-up looking to expand their business prospects. Students may also propose and pursue their own business ideas.

AdVenture Award: fuel your competitive spirit to create an outstanding project and be in the running to receive the “Marco Sonnino MBA AdVenture Award”prize. This prestigious award is granted to the best MBA AdVenture Project developed by MBA students during the relevant Learning Lab.

Soft Skills Lab

Through the activities of the Soft Skills Lab, students build up managerial, relational and entrepreneurial skills that are crucial to achieving outstanding performance. Soft Skills are essential for professionals, enhancing outstanding performance at work.

Social Impact Lab

The Social Impact Lab provides students with cultural knowledge and social awareness through a teamwork competition to find the best solution to a real ethical and social issue. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with social entrepreneurs and NGOs and learn from them.

Project Management Lab

Within this lab students will deepen their knowledge of Project Management standards and processes, as well as organisational planning for project-based businesses. Students will also concentrate on the change management procedures that are involved in all projects. They will further focus on current organisations and assess their ability to deliver a desired project portfolio.

Big Data Lab

Students work on specific data sets to address a business issue and identify its key aspects and possible solutions. The full data discovery cycle is covered from data ingestion to data wrangling to data visualisations.

Scenario and Forecasting Lab

The Scenarios and Foresight Lab is designed to introduce students and future managers to a planning method that can open their eyes to futures changes and opportunities that might materialize, help them maximize their flexibility so they can compete effectively in different landscapes that may emerge, and prepare them not just for the future, but for several possible futures.