30 Oct 2015 - 9:00

LUISS Business School - Viale Romania, Rome (Italy) , 32 - 00198 Roma

Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Ethics in Ancient Rome

Meeting series involve undergraduate students on Project Management approach.


The aim of the workshop is to develop a vision that will allow students to approach  project management,  through a series of seminars integrated with the main  Knowledge and Competence centers at LUISS Guido Carli University  like ERS HUB, and  at LUISS Business School.  Mark Kozak-Holland, guest lecturer,  puts a different spin on complex business problems by applying lessons from history. In his book series, Lessons-from-History, he uses relevant historical case studies to examine how projects and emerging technologies of the past solved complex problems.  


  • 9.00  –  Introduction of main topics and goals : Prof. Francesco Rullani, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Management of Innovation at LUISS Guido Carli  University, in Rome (Italy)
  • 9.15 –  Lectio MagistralisLessons From History “Entrepreneurship and Ethics in Ancient Rome”, doc. Mark Kozak-Holland – (PMP, IPMA-D, Cert.APM) PhD with the Salford Business School at the University of Salford (UK)
  • 11.30  – 12.00 Closing Remarks  Session

Deadline for registration October 29th 2015

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