Structure of the Program


The Master in Management and Technology lasts 12 months and is divided into four terms. To access each term, students are required to successfully pass exams. After the Induction Week, the Term 1 focuses on General Management Courses to provide strong business and economics fundamentals. The Term 2 and 3 are dedicated respectively to the Core and Advanced Courses. The Term 4 is the Field Project during which students put their knowledge into practice.

Each term is described in detail below:


The Induction Week enables students to get to know their classmates and the team at LUISS Business School. It includes several workshops focused on:

  • megatrends and global scenarios
  • main learning methodologies
  • business case cracking
  • effective personal brand identity development
  • modern digital instruments exploitation

Students have the chance to meet the main teams with which they will be interacting during the Master:

  • Career Services
  • Class Coordinators
  • Corporate Relations
  • International Exchange Programs
  • Marketing Services

International Students have the opportunity to attend an intensive Italian Course before the Induction Week.


  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Organization & HR Management
  • Quantitative Methods


  • Adapting Firm Strategy to the Digital Age
  • Managing Business Digitization: Predicting Organizational Impact
  • Establishing Digital Positioning
  • Reimagining the Customer Experience


  • Data Analysis, Mobility, Proximity and App-based Marketing
  • Digital & Mobile Innovation Management
  • Facing Reputational Distress in the Mobile Digital Economy
  • Managing Cyber Security and Cyber Law
  • Mastering Digital Governance
  • Reengineering Operational Processes


Students complete the program with a field project that consists of individual assignments accomplished under the supervision of a company mentor and an academic tutor, oriented at solving a real company problem identified by LUISS Corporate Partners.

The project allows students to:

  • Solve real world business problems
  • Apply their relational and problem solving skills
  • Develop their professional and personal network