The curriculum is designed to ensure and support the progressive professional and personal growth of the students. Students will benefit from a productive learning experience made up of lessons, case studies, group work sessions, and a high-level faculty of both academics and professionals. The programme ends with the Field Project which allows students to combine theory and practice.

Technology is essential to any business nowadays and with smaller businesses becoming more tech-savvy and threatening bigger companies, change is needed to adapt to the digital economy. This Master provides students with essential digital skills and a comprehensive understanding of how technology and innovation methods can transform companies of various sectors.

Companies are constantly looking for “biz-tech” transformers to help them adapt to the changing times and revolutionize their business. You can help drive that revolution. Companies are looking for talented young professionals that can easily bridge the gap between the business world and digital technology. This Master prepares tech students for the business world and business students for the digital age.


Induction week is an introductive week in which students can settle in and familiarize themselves with life on campus. Ice-breaking labs, seminars, workshops, and presentations will be organized for the students. Students will meet their classmates and will have a better idea of the services offered, as well as the curricular and extra-curricular activities planned.


  • Accounting & financial Management
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Organization & HR Management
  • Econometrics and Statistics


  • Adapting Firm Strategy to the Digital Age
  • Managing Business Digitization: Predicting Organizational Impact
  • Establishing Digital Positioning
  • Reimagining the Customer Experience
  • Digital Economics


  • Facing Reputational Distress in the Mobile Digital Economy
  • Managing Cyber Security and Cyber Law
  • Mastering Digital Governance
  • Data Analyses, Mobility, Proximity and App-Based Marketing
  • Digital & Mobile Innovation Management
  • Reengineering Operational Processes


Learning labs focus on personal development. During the programme, students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions during which they will: cultivate intellectual flexibility; develop problem solving skills; learn to adapt in diverse situations; refine cross-cultural awareness.

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From educational training to the job reality! The Field Project is the last mandatory part of the programme which represents a great opportunity for students to accelerate their career advancement. For the Field Project, students will participate in an internship in companies or organizations.


The Master lasts 12 months and it is composed of 4 terms.

  • Term 1: September – December 2019
  • Term 2: January – Febraury 2020
  • Term 3: March – May 2020

Please note that the academic calendar is subject to change, to get more information and details write to