Career Service

The Career Service Office offers students customised services to support them in developing their skills and abilities while helping them find satisfying jobs and careers. The Career Service team supports student in defining their career path, and in arranging meetings with companies to explore job and internship opportunities.

The Career Service Office is also responsible for the Employability Lab which develops students’ self-awareness on a key set of soft skills, and to build a personal action plan which maximises self-efficacy in a working environment.

Career Service Activities

Over the academic year, activities are organised into different steps to best understand students’ profiles in order to match them with the most suitable employers.

Events and activities include:

  • Career counselling: focus on understanding and building students’ professional profiles
  • Orientation to job-market rules: help students define their career paths, building their digital identity and increasing their interview skills
  • Business presentations: take part in conferences and meetings with executives to better understand the business world and the fields in which the executives work
  • Employer engagement: work with employers to find the best way to promote their reputation and make the most of their collaboration with Luiss Business School as part of their brand strategy
  • E-career book: make student CVs available online to companies and institutions for recruitment
  • Internships: from the classroom to the office, the CS supports students in their search for internship opportunities

Career development and networking with companies

The Career Service Office sits on the corporate advisory boards of all Luiss Business School one-year Master’s Degree Programmes, acting as an internal business intelligence office and providing feedback on employer needs in terms of competencies and skills. The programme’s boards and coordinators can integrate these requirements into programmes, tracks and laboratories.

Every year, more than 100 career-development events and workshops are held on campus, mostly involving employers and alumni. These activities connect students with recruiters and managers while giving them first-hand information on recruitment programmes and career paths.

Moreover, some of these events are designed to foster students’ personal development.

Career support projects

Competency-based interview simulation

An important step in students’ preparation for placement is the simulated interview.

CV e-Book

The Career eBook is periodically sent to companies and institutions that are interested in students’ profiles for potential or open positions.

At the same time, the Career Service Office proactively seeks additional opportunities that fit the profiles and expectations of the students.


The online platform, used by top universities and business schools around the world, allows the Career Service staff to have a clear overview of each class profile, analyse students’ evolution and trends, and post vacancies from employers.

Feedback sessions

During feedback sessions, the Career Service staff concentrates on the competency model and other aspects that can influence the success of a selection process. Key focus is placed on soft skills.


The curricular internship generally takes place at the end of Major in Business Transformation and is an opportunity for students to combine theory and hands-on experience while in direct contact with professionals working in both national and international industries.