The Luiss Part-Time MBA offers the connections to your future whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the wider world.  The Luiss Part-Time MBA is your platform for new business thinking.


Awareness, leadership and effective communication are the foundation of future-oriented managers.

The MBA Programme will help you stand out and make your voice heard within the world of business. It is designed to ensure innovative and competitive skills required by the market.
Entrepreneurial partners of our university will introduce the aspects of their core business during the workshops and networking café initiatives analyzing market opportunities and giving students the chance to communicate their ideas following a reciprocal proactive exchange.

The international perspective represents the MBA‘s identity and the programme is held entirely in English. Students come from different countries with diverse cultures and the training offer is inspired by international teaching methods, research centers and companies.

You will experience a newly designed MBA – built around the concepts of Transformation, Impact and Sustainability.

Boost your personal and professional perspectives with Leadership skills and Career-Enhancement Activities with our coaches and career advisors’ professional support.

Finding solutions to real Company Business Cases through Deep Tech Microlearning enabling you to generate economic and personal value.

Social Business Activities, Ethics and Responsibility Labs aimed to develop Responsible Leaders able to face nowadays challenges.


The Program develops conceptual, analytical and planning tools, as well as techniques and methodologies necessary to adopt a systematic approach in order to understand and solve complex business and management problems. The acquisition of this knowledge is guaranteed by the teaching structure of the Master which alternates the methodological pillars of the business with laboratory activities aimed at acquiring the transversal skills characterizing contemporary leadership

Behavioural Skills
In line with the will of the School, the Program dedicates great training attention to the transversal managerial skills defined as “soft skills”. These skills, mainly provided in the laboratory formula, allow the participant to develop a strategic-systemic approach that allows them to interact effectively in the workplace and to create value for the company and society

The Part-Time MBA represents for participants a privileged path of exploration, knowledge and strengthening of their aptitudes. In particular, as regards those of an introspective / personal nature, the Coaching sessions allow you to identify structured methods and action plans to achieve the set objectives; the same speech, translated in the professional field, applies to the Career Advisory sessions.

Understanding of the Business Context
The Programme is structured in a “system” perspective favoring the development of an overview of the organizational-business problems. The methodological approach, based on learning-by-doing, starting from management practice and experience, develops managerial models and theories, favoring an interdisciplinary reading of business dynamics.

Involvement in International and Intercultural Dimension
The international vocation of the Program is highlighted by the presence of faculty from the most prestigious Business Schools in the world and by international experience carried out both from professors and students. In addition, the Programme – thanks to the cultural, academic and professional heterogeneity of the participants – guarantees a unique learning environment, allowing students to share this path of educational and personal growth from an intercultural perspective.

Awareness of Social Trends at Domestic and International Level
Awareness of social trends is substantiated in an organic set of activities aimed at acquiring knowledge, tools and attitudes to quantify and calibrate the impact of business operating in a global and digital context. Key elements are social, ethical and environmental sensitivity as well as the impact of business on long-term socioeconomic change. Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to experience the application of these principles in different geographic areas.